About Elements eLearning


Talking about Elements eLearning begins with a bit of history. Becoming an eLearning content provider was the inspiration of three friends and me. Ultimately, Liz, Jess, Emily (now passed) and I dreamed of building an accessible eLearning portal. Emily was ahead of her time. She worked on eLearning for a national non-profit years before it became a a part of everyday life.

Previously, I had worked on various projects with them. In fact, those projects encouraged my evolution into eLearning. Utilizing my years in publishing, audio and video production. Bringing together the creative forces that I’ve loved working on.

As a result of our conversations, I was inspired to create this website. Instead of hiring someone to do it for me, I decided to build this site myself. I wanted to learn how to create an accessible website. Next came building an accessible eLearning portal.

And more specifically about Elements eLearning, I have enjoyed working on projects for larger companies. And with that experience, I wanted to learn about creating accessible, inclusive content for small business and non-profit organizations. I have been working to create this accessible eLearning portal. The process of learning how to create accessible web and eLearning has been a journey.


To gain a beginning education, I completed the University of Washington’s E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate program in June, 2020.

And in 2022, I completed eLaHub’s 2-part live webinar on the fundamentals of accessibility for Articulate 360. I’ve also taken courses on accessible document production and an introduction into accessibility, what it means and who it includes. I recently completed multiple A11Y Collective.

Accessibility is a Journey

As a result, I’ve learned a lot on this journey. What became clear is that a lot of people and institutions talk about the importance making the web accessible to everyone. But it’s a small portion of the web that is truly accessible and even smaller that is inclusive.

It’s up to each of us to implement the guidance and available resources to create a more inclusive web experience.

So, in conclusion, talking about Elements eLearning means talking about my journey learning about web and eLearning accessibility. And that journey continues.

In the hope that my journey inspires you toward a more inclusive world.